Learning Journal

By Avery | September 4, 2020

WWH Learning Journal Take WWH (What/Why/How) Learning Notes: As a habit, decide to take WHAT, WHY, and HOW learning notes on any resource (i.e. video, podcast, blog, vlog, etc.) reviewed. Keep those notes for future reference, study, and teaching. ***Include […]


By Avery | August 26, 2020

Outside-the-Box Series The term…OVERTHINKING? What does overthinking mean anyway? A chief purpose of the brain is to think, right? Yes. How then, can the brain over think then? It is like saying your throat over-swallows or your heart over-beats or […]

Mistake Free Math

By Avery | August 3, 2020

Mistakes Free Math [MFM] Inadvertent Impacts The MISTAKES FREE Math Inadvertent Impacts describes potential impacts of mistake free math content delivery on student success – perceptions about learning from mistakes. What impact does mistake free math lectures, presentations, tutoring sessions, […]

BRAIN – A $Billion Asset

By Avery | April 2, 2020

The Billion Dollar Asset (Brain) YouTube Channel This Billion Dollar Asset [BDA] Channel intends to maximize thinking and learning value of our free billion-dollar asset, the brain. The BDA’s primary purpose is to think; it can’t overthink. This channel will […]


By Avery | March 17, 2020

EmoRationale EmoRationale describes thinking when emotions subvert, replace, and/or usurp rational decision-making based on facts, evidence, logic, clear reasons, knowledge, wisdom, laws, procedures, etc. The term essentially describes situations when personal feelings become dictatorial and assume complete control over any […]

31 Happiness Blocking Habits

By Avery | March 17, 2020

31 Happiness Blocking Habits Learning ONLY from those you like Refusing to learn how to heal Taking no risk Complaining without any resolve Dishonoring parents Pursuing wants AND ignoring needs Talking, yet saying nothing of value Refusing to adapt to […]

Success’ Silver Bullet Habit

By Avery | March 17, 2020

Success’ Silver Bullet Habit What is a silver bullet success habit that puts one on the path to success consistently and repeatedly, no matter your socioeconomic status? Success Habit: Choosing to LEARN! Learning how to heal. Learning from the past. […]

5 Actions To Brighten Your Day

By Avery | March 17, 2020

5 Actions to Brighten Your Day More than likely, the first two actions will be easy. The last three actions will inspire and ultimately change the course of your present and future relationship trajectories. ACTION 1: Contact members of your […]

10 Things We Don’t Need Research For

By Avery | March 17, 2020

10 Things We Don’t Need Research Support For Your BODY is a $Billion FREE resource. Your BRAIN is a $Billion FREE resource. Change is inevitable! Adapting to change is a daily CHOICE (decision). Decision making is a lifelong skill we […]


By Avery | March 16, 2020

Math Language Demands

By Avery | January 30, 2020

Math disciplines (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, etc.) are often like robust english courses (sometimes demanding certain procedures, strict instructions, and/or specific use of vocabulary). …most folk don’t even realize it until they try to make SIZE mean LENGTH or they read f(1) […]

Math PURGE Assignment

By Avery | September 10, 2019

********PURGE Assignment Form Begins******** Math Distractions PURGE Assignment Goal Flush Out → Negative Feelings (Distractions) About Math Students negative feelings about math are huge distraction and user of working memory. Acknowledge the existence of personal negative feelings in association with […]

Math Student’s Civil Rights

By Avery | September 2, 2019

Maximized Coaching Approach

By Avery | August 13, 2019

Maximized Coaching Approach The Pathway2C Maximized Coaching Approach (MCA) recognizes that all coaching session activities following instructions, answering questions, taking notes, precise communication, writing out problems, finding mistakes, correcting mistakes, etc. serve a connected purpose. All these activities work together […]

Fear of Failures Makes No Sense

By Avery | September 12, 2018

Fear of Failures makes no logical sense. Since we came out of our mother’s womb, we failed many times learning how to walk, talk, eat, run, and speak. Yet, we had not fear coming out the womb and turned out […]

6 Tips How To Be a Successful Learner

By Avery | September 11, 2018

TIP #1 Follow INSTRUCTIONS with attention to details. Proficient learners study how instructions are given to become better students. Why? Instructions are everywhere – textbooks, worksheets, homework, exams, quizzes, standardized exams etc. Proficient learners pay attention to instructional details – […]

Overcoming Math Anxiety Online Course

By Avery | September 4, 2018

How To Overcome Math (Algebra) Anxiety For Real Brief Description: This how to overcome math anxiety online course uses a practical approach, techniques, and strategies. The course’s unique strategy focuses on learning efforts and replacing unproductive learning habits. Given that […]

Focus on Effort(s)

By Avery | September 1, 2018

Focus on Efforts!!!! Student Zone Note: Devote the time and energy into putting effort into learning content or academic skills. This learning attitude has far reaching and limitless returns on investment.  Dweck’s study showed that praising children for intelligence, rather […]

Is Math a Foreign Language

By Avery | August 31, 2018

Is Mathematics a foreign language? That is the question I have often wondered. I only hear this from English speakers. Why? Lets explore this question. Part 1 – Is Math a Foreign Language? Part 2 – Is Math a Foreign […]

Physics Formula Reading Approach

By Avery | August 31, 2018

Physics Formula Reading Approach Created by Avery Austin Physics Formula Learning Approach Formula Name  Detailed Description of Variables Units of Each Variable, as appropriate. Quantity Type (Vector or Scalar) Diagram (Illustrate the formula, as appropriate) Application of Physics Formula (Gives […]

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