5 Actions To Brighten Your Day


5 Actions To Brighten Your Day

5 Actions to Brighten Your Day

More than likely, the first two actions will be easy. The last three actions will inspire and ultimately change the course of your present and future relationship trajectories.

ACTION 1: Contact members of your inner circle and thank them for their specific contributions of help, support, love, forgiveness, inspiration, leadership, example, etc.

ACTION 2: Contact a relative, family member, and/or friend and thank them for their existence (parents), someone to talk to, encouragement received, giving quality feedback, willingness to share the truth, being there, etc.

ACTION 3: Contact an acquaintance, stranger or difficult person and thank them for being a part of your life and forgiving you for offenses (i.e. name calling, being judgmental, controlling, selfish, being difficult, positive 24/7, etc.) caused.

ACTION 4: Contact a person you need to heal your relationship with. For anyone you believe or has told you that you hurt their feelings in some way, just apologize (without using the statement "if you think I hurt you"). Make efforts to reconcile with that individual. If you can't think of anyone, start self-healing for believing you have lived without hurting anyone.

ACTION 5: If you believe in being happy 24/7, give your personal heart a call and forgive yourself for the perfect pursuit of 100% happiness (or positivity) 24/7. In reality, it’s all about finding BALANCE from imbalance. For example, getting angry and finding one's way back to calm. Feeling sad and find one's way back to enthusiasm. Feeling like quitting and figuring out what discourages you.

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