“Bridging the Math Proficiency Gap” Workshop

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This Bridging the Math Proficiency Gap Tutor Workshop will revolutionize your professional support staff's engagement effectiveness and proficient delivery of Algebra content to students!


The Pathway 2 Competence (Pathway2C) presents the "Bridging the Math Proficiency Gap" Tutor workshop.

It's designed to help academic support staff better identify, learn, and master basic Algebra skills, proficiently model and deliver concepts, and learn how to engage (communicate) 21st century students more effectively.

This professional development opportunity support efforts towards student remediation and retention in STEM disciplines.

Participants will see these strategies demonstrated by the skilled workshop facilitator’s exquisite attention to critical thinking details.

Participants will also find the workshop engaging, and practical (executable). Primarily, training example problems come from Arithmetic and Algebra with some Geometry concepts unless otherwise requested.

Training Approach

The BTMPG training approach focuses on mastering basic Math skills, learning how to consistently convey precise Math concepts, identify for students the 5 strands of mathematical proficiency progress benchmarks, and increasing awareness of what the workshop creator calls the STEM vocabulary (language) shift. Focusing on these specific skills enables students to achieve above average levels of Math proficiency.

Unique Approach

With the BTMPG training uniquely shows participants how to empower students to learn, understand, and precisely share Algebra concepts, content, processes, procedures, and patterns.

Agenda Topics Covered


Student Superpowers & Kryptonite Discussion

  1. Superpowers (Focusing, Complete Thoughts, Deeper Critical Thinking)
  2. Kryptonite (Being Distracted, Fragmented Communication Practices, Surface Critical Thinking)

21st Century Math Educator Roles (Mistake Maker, Communication Educator, Vocab Shift Maker)

Math Mastery Mindset Model

  1. Identifies, Learns, & Masters basic skills
  2. Proficiency Picture - 5 Strands of Math Proficiency (Conceptual Understanding, Procedural Fluency, Productive Disposition, Strategic Competence, Adaptive Reasoning)
  3. Math Anxiety Antidote - Address Math (Algebra) "Learning Roadblocks"

Making the STEM Vocabulary Shift

Reading Formula Mechanics

Math Equation Mastery

Questions & Answers

Target Audience

Academic and Learning Support Staff, Directors, and Administrator - Tutors, Peer Tutors, Learning Assistants, Supplemental Instructors, Academic Coaches, Instructors, Developmental Math Instructors, Home Schooling Parents, and Learning Center Support Staff.

Skills Developed

Developmental skills includes ability to read formulas as complete statements, learning how to overcome math anxiety, mastering basic Algebra skills, baseline vocabulary management delivering concepts, consistent use of baseline vocabulary per the specific content area, and accurate use of targeted questions to stimulate and expose critical thinking, and more.

Workshop Takeaways

  • Understanding how social media impacts teaching STEM concepts and content,
  • Mastery of Math equations across disciplines,
  • Improving precise communication,
  • Techniques to spot student comprehension challenges,
  • Ways to demonstrate proficiency, and more.


Preferably, participants have taken an Introductory Algebra course or have an awareness of the concepts.

Training Cost: Fee + Travel and Lodging

Author & Facilitator

Avery Austin has BS/MS in physics, 30+ years tutoring experience, 17 years STEM industry and research experience, and 8-year training support staff experience. As a first-generation at-risk college graduate, he understands, appreciates, and conveys how to overcome learning challenges from a bottom up perspective. Moreover, his enthusiasm to help others shines through his gift to teach.

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