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Learning Journal

WWH Learning Journal Take WWH (What/Why/How) Learning Notes: As a habit, decide to take WHAT, WHY, and HOW learning notes on any resource (i.e. video, podcast, blog, vlog, etc.) reviewed. Keep those notes for future reference, study, and teaching. ***Include the Date and Resource information (Title, author, publication, type,…) The three questions one may use…
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Math Language Demands

Math disciplines (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, etc.) are often like robust english courses (sometimes demanding certain procedures, strict instructions, and/or specific use of vocabulary). …most folk don’t even realize it until they try to make SIZE mean LENGTH or they read f(1) as f of one (should be read as the value of the function when x…
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Math PURGE Assignment

********PURGE Assignment Form Begins******** Math Distractions PURGE Assignment Goal Flush Out → Negative Feelings (Distractions) About Math Students negative feelings about math are huge distraction and user of working memory. Acknowledge the existence of personal negative feelings in association with learning Math. Then, shift attention to focusing on learning and learning efforts. Focus on learning…
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Physics Tutoring

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Problem Solving Approach

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6 Effective Academic Coaching Skills

6 Effective Academic Coaching Skills 1. Informative Coaches provide usable information in appropriate context. This is different from a coach who knows a lot of information and dazzles the students with it. The premium task for helping students is maximized learning not information gathering. What do I mean my maximized learning? Maximized learning take full…
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11 Question Types That Drive Deeper Thought

11 Question Types That Drive Deeper Thought Questions are so commonplace they are often go overlooked as an important skill to develop. If we stop for a second and think about it, using questions to communicate is truly an art form – with question paint brushes of clarity, specificity, definitive-ness, generality, convolution, and so on.  …
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Search Faster & Smarter

Search Faster & Smarter Learn how to Google search faster and smarter for specific information using google search QUERIES and OPERATORS. The rest is self-explanatory. The fun begins right after too! GOOGLE SEARCH QUERIES – google will specifically find all below vacation days – the words vacation and days Ghana OR Sudan – the word…
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Maximized Coaching Approach

Maximized Coaching Approach The Pathway2C Maximized Coaching Approach (MCA) recognizes that all coaching session activities following instructions, answering questions, taking notes, precise communication, writing out problems, finding mistakes, correcting mistakes, etc. serve a connected purpose. All these activities work together to prepare students to perform prepare for an in-class assessment (test, quiz, or homework) prepare…
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Physics Formula Approach

Approach to Learning Physics Formulas This is a basic physics formula approach when learning physics formulas. Items 1-4 are required, but 5-6 may or may not be applicable. Formula’s Name (What is the formula’s name, if any?) Describe Variables (Quantities), etc. (What quantity do the variable(s) represent?) Units (What are the units of each variable?)…
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