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EmoRationale EmoRationale describes thinking when emotions subvert, replace, and/or usurp rational decision-making based on facts, evidence, logic, clear reasons, knowledge, wisdom, laws, procedures, etc. The term essentially describes situations when personal feelings become dictatorial and assume complete control over any rhyme or reason with only feelings as justification. I first introduced the term in the…
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Dr. F from the Challenge Factor is who me refers to. WISDOM ADVISORY: This content is ONLY for those who desire to learn, adapt to change, and become a positive change agent in their family, community, country, and the world. Please do share your comments, thoughts, experiences, or suggestions. Available at B&N

Imperfect Condition Intro

IMPERFECT CONDITION™ Intro When I talked to my mentor, this topic of how people were imperfect came up time and time again. At the same time, I noticed few conversations outside of my mentor that openly and constructively talked about being imperfect people. That puzzled me. A Work In Progress Many say they are a…
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Convergence Principle Explained

“Actions Don’t Lie!” Growing up, I often heard the saying “actions don’t lie.” Over the years, I discovered how actions tell the truth, no matter what we think, say, or feel. Love Working Out – Once a Week? For example, if I say I love working out, but workout once a week. The love I…
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Convergence Principle Mindset

I introduced this mindset in the fictional book entitled the Challenge Factor. It has to do with how or if our actions, words, and thoughts agreement. Do we practice what we preach? Others see it! In the Challenge Factor the character being interviewed (Dr. F) exaggerates a little bit about this mindset. But the mindset…
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Dr. Failures Intro

This is the actual introduction to Dr. Failures (aka Dr. F) in the Challenge Factor. Excerpt from CHALLENGE FACTOR Begins Background Let me share a little background on my relationship with this unsung hero Dr. Failures. See if you can relate. Dr. F has watched, interacted, and taught me through failures since birth. The challenges…
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Can We Escape from Difficult People?

From birth until death we find ourselves in personal or interpersonal difficult situations with people. What can we do about it though? Over the last three decades, I asked myself this question many times. Difficult People Are Everywhere! Difficult people are everywhere. No one escapes contact with difficult people while on planet earth! What I…
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The PERFECT Lifelong Mission

THE PERFECT MISSION We spend so much time seeking to be individuals. As a result, I think over focus on being individual comes with a price. What price? It may cause an imbalance where we may lose sight of the power in having common goals and values. The Perfect Mission is in part an example…
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LEARNING Underrated Life Skill

LEARNING-An Underrated Life Skill Learning is a daily life skill that never loses its value, purpose, or relevance. From birth until death, we decide to learn each and every day. Why do I say this? We decide to learn about… ourselves from ourselves and other. others from observations and what we are told. different situations…
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