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Learning Journal

WWH Learning Journal Take WWH (What/Why/How) Learning Notes: As a habit, decide to take WHAT, WHY, and HOW learning notes on any resource (i.e. video, podcast, blog, vlog, etc.) reviewed. Keep those notes for future reference, study, and teaching. ***Include the Date and Resource information (Title, author, publication, type,…) The three questions one may use…
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Student Zone Resource Online: Cool resource for helpful tips, techniques, and strategies for studying, notetaking, writing, and more. (  

Learning Disposition (Mindset)

Learning Disposition (Mindset) Background Over the years, I developed and nurtured a focused mindset for learning without knowing it. When trying to tutor or coach students from different walks of life, it requires outside the box thinking. What does outside-the-box thinking really mean? Thinking like how student think instead of thinking how I thought, approached,…
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