Convergence Principle Mindset

I introduced this mindset in the fictional book entitled the Challenge Factor. It has to do with how or if our actions, words, and thoughts agreement. Do we practice what we preach? Others see it!

In the Challenge Factor the character being interviewed (Dr. F) exaggerates a little bit about this mindset. But the mindset is practical and dead on reasonable.

What is the Convergence Principle?

The Convergence Principle is a personal growth philosophy that imperfectly pursues agreement of Words, Actions, and Thoughts (WAT). In short, do we practice what we preach? By no means, is this mindset about always perfect agreement of words, actions, and thoughts; no one ever achieves perfect agreement in all areas. It's more about recognizing personal alignment or misalignment. Why is this important?

Others Judge Our Walk & Talk Daily

Naturally, when others judge us, they observe our actions and listen to our words. If our words and actions agree, we usually consider that person trustworthy or having integrity. If our words and actions don’t agree, we usually consider that person hypocritical or disingenuous.

Below is Dr. Failures perspective and explanation about the Convergence Principle Mindset.

Excerpt from CHALLENGE FACTOR Begins

Convergence Principle Mindset

Secondly, consider adopting the Convergence Principle mindset! What is the Convergence Principle mindset? One of the most powerful overcoming mindsets on the planet. That’s my immortal opinion of course.

The Convergence Principle is the active mortal pursuit of agreement across mortal words, thoughts, actions and feelings. It seeks to speak words, think thoughts, take actions, and feel emotions that echo the same messages, simultaneously. Of course, mortals cannot and will not seek out this alignment with perfection. However, they become consciously aware of when their personal words, actions, thoughts, and feelings are out of alignment.

What do they do when they learn of such a misalignment? Consciously, acknowledge the misalignment, confess it to themselves, take responsibility for it by taking corrective actions.

For example, a mortal spouse in a relationship hates to be ignored. Just despises it! Yet, this mortal spouse justifies ignoring their partner spouse for raising their voice in an argument. A Convergence Principle mindset would acknowledge that act of ignoring another mortal knowing I hate it misaligns thoughts (beliefs) and actions. Moreover, “two wrongs (misalignments) just don’t make a right.”

For example, say a student mortal says they will attend college next year. The Convergence Principle mindset advocates the student mortal to act on those words by completing and mailing out college applications.

It advocates that the student mortal complete write words for the college essays that expect acceptance from the college. It advocates the student mortal to think thoughts of being accepted and the next steps no matter how they feel.

Again, I would love to go into this, but you also have been tasked with sharing this principle. It’s already inside of you. Many will benefit to learn of and live by it. Don’t worry about your credentials. Your gifts will make room for you in the hearts and minds of other grateful overcoming mortals. Stop hiding from your future self and success. Just do it Avery!

Excerpt from CHALLENGE FACTOR Ends

Please do share your comments, thoughts, experiences, or suggestions.

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