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This is the actual introduction to Dr. Failures (aka Dr. F) in the Challenge Factor.

Excerpt from CHALLENGE FACTOR Begins


Let me share a little background on my relationship with this unsung hero Dr. Failures. See if you can relate.

Dr. F has watched, interacted, and taught me through failures since birth. The challenges I overcame my first two years of living were nothing but miraculous! Obviously, I don’t vividly remember what happened those years. However, if I watch the interaction between parents and babies today, it’s obvious what happened when I was a baby. I failed, learn, overcame with support and repeated this successful cycle.

Undeniably, I overcame many challenges as a baby mortal with some help of course. Back then, challenges taught me how to successfully talk, walk, eat, run, and more through failures.

I fell many times before I started walking. I said nonsense for a while before I started talking in sentences. I made a mess many times before I could feed myself without making a mess.

Amazingly, with the protective support of parent mortals, I had little fear of failures or danger as a baby mortal. Yet, I overcame by successfully learning through Failures. Since I was a baby mortal, I learned how to successfully do many things with Dr. F’s help. In other words, Dr. F has been teaching me all along.

Dr. F has a complete individualized inventory of all my private and public reactions to challenges. I lost count of the challenges and how many times I failed a long time ago.

Irrefutably, Dr. F has intimate knowledge of all mortal human being challenge responses. Dr. F intimately knows many today, has known many before me, and will know many after me in the future. Can you relate?

THE MISSION: Harness Abundant Overcoming Power

Dr. Failures is on a mission to help adult mortals harness the abundant overcoming power displayed during baby mortal wonder years; the first 2 years of life. What if adult mortals could access the same abundant overcoming power from baby mortal wonder years as adults today? Would that be awe-inspiring or what?!

Baby versus Adult Mortal Years

What is the difference between baby mortal and adult mortal years? One difference is babies are NOT aware of fear and danger. Adult mortals know about fear and danger. They learn about them. Unconsciously, babies are fearless. Consciously, adult mortals are more cautious.

Another very important but overlooked difference, baby mortals have involuntary parent and/or guardian mortal support.

Adult mortals must voluntarily decide to choose, accept, receive from, respect, and trust support.

Why is power harnessing the baby mortal wonder years idea enticing? Adult mortals have experienced this power as baby mortals! This wonder years power is accessible to positive & negative people, kings and queens, friends and enemies, winners and losers, top 1% earners, leaders, champions, etc.

Abundant Power Access

All mortal human beings have equal access to this abundant power as baby mortals. Therefore, all mortal human beings have equal access to this abundant power as adult mortals too! Mortals decide to tap into it or not!

Let’s begin this abundant power harnessing adventure with learning timeless wisdom from present and past challenges from the incomparable immortal Dr. Failures.

First Meeting

This first meeting between Dr. F and myself may change your perspective about challenges forever. It is my hope that it will do so in some small or big way and anywhere in between. Without a doubt, it improved my perspective. At first, I hesitated to share it. Now, I can’t wait to share it and get feedback.

Dr. Failures’ Creator has for a very long time noticed the untapped abundant power by adult mortals. In response, the Creator instructed Dr. F to take on a temporary mortal human form to share practical overcoming wisdom and ways to tap into baby mortal power more as adult mortals.

While in a deep sleep-like comatose state, Dr. F spoke directly to me, but it felt was as if the whole world was listening in too. The entire conversation with Dr. F happened in 1 millisecond. I have no idea how to explain that.

For good reason, Dr. F did all the talking during this first encounter or meeting. Dr. F knew me well, but I didn’t know Dr. F as well, so I thought anyway. So, I had to listen to get acquainted with Dr. F’s timeless immortal perspective on mortals, challenges, the past, and much more.

When I regained consciousness, I somehow remembered the entire conversation with Dr. F with vivid attention to details. Immediately, I took copious notes for personal reasons, but also share with others. It took three years to write the notes from a 1 millisecond meeting. Imagine that!

Special Note: Dr. Failures refers to human beings as creatures, mortals, mortal human beings, overcomers, or overcoming mortals. Dr. F refers to God as the Creator too.

Excerpt from CHALLENGE FACTOR Ends

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