Pathway 2 Competence's (Pathway2C) supports Growth, Progress, & Mastery perspectives in pursuit of academic, personal, and professional goals.


Pathway2C's approach promotes competence through a learning disposition, basic skills mastery mindset, and communicating with complete thoughts. This develops independent critical thinkers on the Pathway 2 Competence.


Pathway2C's philosophy Identifies, Learns, Masters, and builds basic skills to excel in life, school, workplace, and more. Pathway2C provides academic coaching, life coaching, workshops, and professional development trainings toward different goals.

1-on-1 Math & Physics Tutoring

Pathway2C offers unique and effective one-on-one face to face and online Math and Physics tutoring and coaching services for school age (grades 6-12), college, and non-traditional students.

Online Course 4 Students

The Algebra Basics Mastery online course improves student performance by Identifying, Learning, And Mastering (ILM) basic Algebra skills and confronting sources of Math anxiety.

Math Tutor Workshop

This Bridging The Algebra Proficiency Gap Tutor Workshop supports college tutors and academic support staff. It focuses on learning, identifying and mastering basic skills, and Math proficiency.

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