Imperfect Condition Intro


When I talked to my mentor, this topic of how people were imperfect came up time and time again.

At the same time, I noticed few conversations outside of my mentor that openly and constructively talked about being imperfect people. That puzzled me.

A Work In Progress

Many say they are a work in progress, but show little overcoming faith being afraid to say they are imperfect, have imperfections, or do imperfect things on a regular.

For example, if I believe and know I am a work in progress (an imperfect person), it should be second nature to willfully apologize for my imperfect (intentional or unintentional) actions or words toward others, right? Usually, we call this being accountable or taking responsibility for our actions or words, right?

Taboo Topic

For many years, I wrestled with and never quite understood how being imperfect impacted how I understood myself and relationships too.

After NOT hearing about this universal concept by any name for many years, it got me thinking outside-the-box. It deserves a name, given its widespread impact on human beings on the planet earth. I called it the Imperfect Condition.

To help deal with the inadvertent pain of this taboo phenomenon, I introduced it in a fictional book called the Challenge Factor - How Mortals Achieve Perfect Success Imperfectly.

What is the Imperfect Condition™?

The fact that people (mortal human beings) act, talk, think, feel, and believe imperfectly. There may be exceptions somewhere, but from my limited knowledge, few people on planet earth escapes this condition. Therefore, the Imperfect Condition reveals the destiny of most mortal human beings all around the world, to overcome the challenges due to the Imperfect Condition.

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