LEARNING Underrated Life Skill

LEARNING-An Underrated Life Skill

What mortals do all their life...LEARN!

Learning is a daily life skill that never loses its value, purpose, or relevance. From birth until death, we decide to learn each and every day. Why do I say this?

We decide to learn about...

  • ourselves from ourselves and other.
  • others from observations and what we are told.
  • different situations from experience, experiences of others, and relating similar experiences.

More importantly, daily decisions either bring us closer or separate us from opportunities to learn from birth until death.

To facilitate these daily learning friom decisions, I shared a LEARN acronym in the Challenge Factor in the specific context of learning from Dr. Failures (aka Dr. F).

Consider using the LEARN acronym below to grow a learning disposition  mindset every day.

  • Look around, many others before, now, and after you will have to learn from challenges.
  • Empathize with those who have failed before and with you.
  • Attend to details of what happened during the challenge.
  • Reflect on lessons learned with and about challenges.
  • Never quit learning because of a past challenge.

In the 21st century, it’s not just about learning information; too much information to learn it all.

I proposed in the 21st century, success includes learning information, but also using critical thinking to pull seemingly unrelated ideas, thoughts, research, and/or concepts together to drive innovation and solve problems around the world. I call pulling together of information for a specific purpose WISDOM applied information to overcome a challenge, discern a situation, and/or solve a complex problem.

Please do share your comments, thoughts, experiences, or suggestions.

WISDOM ADVISORY: This content is ONLY useful to those who wish to live wisely – learning, adapting to change, and becoming a change agent in their family, community, country, and the world.

Purchase LEARN Acronym Source: “Challenge Factor–How Mortals Achieve Perfect Success Imperfectly.”

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