Learning Journal

WWH Learning Journal

Take WWH (What/Why/How) Learning Notes: As a habit, decide to take WHAT, WHY, and HOW learning notes on any resource (i.e. video, podcast, blog, vlog, etc.) reviewed. Keep those notes for future reference, study, and teaching.

***Include the Date and Resource information (Title, author, publication, type,…)

The three questions one may use to initiate this learning journal habit are as follows:

  • WHAT (quote, statistic, etc.) struck you as important to learn?
  • WHY did you think it was important to learn?
  • HOW can you use this info to improve right now?

Lastly, jot down any additional questions.

  • Date:
  • Resource:
  • Resource Type:
  • What?
  • Why?

Please do share your comments, thoughts, experiences, or suggestions.