Maximized Coaching Approach

Maximized Coaching Approach

The Pathway2C Maximized Coaching Approach (MCA) recognizes that all coaching session activities

  • following instructions,
  • answering questions,
  • taking notes,
  • precise communication,
  • writing out problems,
  • finding mistakes,
  • correcting mistakes, etc.

serve a connected purpose. All these activities work together to prepare students to perform

  • prepare for an in-class assessment (test, quiz, or homework)
  • prepare for an online assessment
  • improve grades
  • finish a project
  • demonstrate understanding of software, etc.

In so doing, students realize the importance of basic skills mastery in other disciplines too. They also recognize the connections with patterns, procedures, and processes.

Basic skills mastery directly impacts a student's ability to

  • interpret instructions,
  • ask relevant questions,
  • ask specific questions,
  • communicate using complete thoughts,
  • manage restrictive vocabulary in STEM disciplines,
  • verify information,
  • learn from mistakes/failures,
  • not be overwhelmed by mistakes/failures,
  • think independently, and more too

In summary, the MCA shows that each skill they learn plays a role in their ability to perform, whether students think about it or not.

The MCA makes students think more deeply about the powerful influences of different small or big activities on their performance - overcoming academic challenges.

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